New Initiatives

1.Singing Competition “VOICE  OF SENIORS” for Senior Citizens:

ANANDAM with a view to provide a platform to senior citizens of 60 + age from the city of Indore, for  exhibiting their singing talent , organized a unique event ‘ VOICE OF SENIORS’ in the month of February,2018.
In all 82 senior citizens participated in the event from different parts of Indore city apart from a few from nearby city like Ujjain.
Considering the number of participants which was fairly large, auditions were spread in two days on 4th and 11th February, 2018. Performance of these participants, in all the stages of the competition,  was evaluated by the judges who are eminent musicians in their own right. Accordingly 18 participants qualified for semi-final which was held on 18th February,18 which propelled 9 participants in the final.
Auditions and semi-final of the competition were held at ANANDAM.

Final of ‘VOICE OF SENIORS” was held on 25
th February,2018 at Pritamlal Dua Sabhagrah.
Success of the programme can be judged from the fact that Sabhagrah was packed to capacity and many guests had to sit on extra chairs outside the hall.

Though while planning this competition only one cash prize of Rs. 11,000/- was declared which was sponsored by Maxlife Insurance Company. However, highly impressed by the success of this programme and the performance of the finalists ,Shri Harminder Singh Bhatia, Trustee of Mata Ramkaur Jan Kalyanik Trust,under whose aegis ANANDAM functions, declared another cash prize of Rs. 5,000/- ,on the spot, for the runner up.

 Following were the winners of VOICE OF SENIORS:

  1. Shri  Heeranand Danveer                     – First Prize Winner
  2. Shri  Daya Nand Sharma                       – Runner Up

 As per feedback received from the audience, VOICE OF SENIORS was a super success in its first endeavour. The participants though quite advanced in age, even reaching the age of 80+,though looking frail but their singing performance was quite impressive, captivating and  in no way inferior than a young singer.

 This new initiative was the brain child of ANANDAM President- Shri Narendra Singh who conceptualized it and planned it to perfection. Shri Anil Bhat, a senior member of ANANDAM who is deeply and actively associated with music, brilliantly aided by his Dental Surgeon son Shri Atul Bhat ,who is also a very good singer, worked out the logistics of this programme and  implemented entire operation of the competition successfully.

 Encouraged by the success of VOICE OF SENIORS we hope to carry it through in still better dimensions in the coming years.

 2. Opening of Ayurvedic Clinic by Shubhdeep Ayurvedic College and Medical Hospital,Indore

 Good health of Senior citizen members of ANANDAM being of utmost priority, an Ayurvedic Clinic has been opened at ANANDAM on 20th March,2018  by Shubh Deep Ayurvedic College & Medical Hospital, a renowned Ayurvedic college in Indore.

 Ayurved being a very old and time tested successful  therapy to treat and cure various diseases from their roots, more and more people are leaning towards it vis-a-vis conventional mode like allopathy.

 This clinic shall function on  two days in a week – On Tuesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

 While consultation for ANANDAM members would be FREE, members of public shall be required to pay consulation fee of Rs. 200/- . This clinic would be open to general public as well  so that they can derive its benefit.

 Shri Vasudev Lalwani and Mrs. Jyotsna Agarwal, senior members of ANANDAM would also associate with  this clinic and provide their FREE consultative services on alternate therapy like acupressure and other techniques . Both Shri Vasudev Lalwani and Mrs. Jyotsna Agrawal are also designated  as joint Co-Ordinators for ensuring effective functioning of this clinic.

3. Help To Victims Of Unprecented Floods In Kerela :

In the month of August,2018, state of KERALA suffered from the havoc of unprecedented floods. Entire state was devastated and suffered from  large scale damages. A majority of the population was uprooted from their homes and had to be rehabilitated in temporary shelters.

Above calamity called for large scale relief measures. Help poured in from all parts of nation. ANANDAM members, realizing their social responsibility and to stand shoulder to shoulder with their distressed brethern in Kerala,  also rose to the occasion and spontaneously  responded to offer help to the distressed victims of floods in KERALA. A sum of Rs. 47,402/- was collected by ANANDAM from the individual donations of its members which was promptly remitted to KERALA CM DISTRESS RELIEF FUND. Full list of donors to this cause can be viewed under the downloads .

4. Creation of Corpus Fund for Medicare of multi disability children of ANUBHUTI VISION: 

For the health care needs of differently abled children of ANUBHUTI VISION SEWA  SANSTHAN, ANANDAM under the leadership of DR. AMIT SOLANKI, renowned Eye Specialist , has formed a panel of following Ten (10)  Specialist Doctors ,who have kindly volunteered to offer their FREE services which is quite commendable : 
 1)  Dr. Amit Solanki.                      ( Eye Specialist) 
 2)  Dr. Rashmi Chauhan Solanki ( Dentist)
 3)  Dr. Sachin Chhabra                ( Ortho)     
 4)  Dr. Pawan Rathi                      ( Psychiatrist) 
 5)  Dr. Atul Jain                             ( Skin)
 6)  Dr. Nikita Rawal                       ( Gyne) 
 7)  Dr. Ruchira Pahara                  ( Child Specialist) 
 8)  Dr. Rishi Ajay Khanna             ( E.N.T)
 9)  Dr. Ruchita Vyas                      ( Pediatric Neurologist) 
10) Dr. R.K.jain                               ( Physician)     
A roaster has been drawn in accordance whereof ,one specialist doctor  visits ANUBHUTI VISION ,each month,for health check up of the children of Anubhuti Vision. 
For making this exercise more pragmatic and worthwhile , ANANDAM has decided to provide financial assistance , in a limited way, each month, for purchase of medicines prescribed by the above panel doctors. 
As it is learnt from experience that many welfare activities which are started with good intention, die premature death ,due to lack of financial resources;  with a view to avoid such a mishap ,ANANDAM has decided to create a CORPUS for fulfilling the medicare  needs , more particularly for purchase of medicines, for these children. 
A good start to “Medicare Fund for Anubhuti Vision Children” initiative has been made on 25th Sept. 2018 with the initial donation of Rs 6,000/- given by Mrs. Rekha Singh , w/o Shri Narendra Singh, Anandam President, who besides being an Anandam member, is also an accomplished artist. Few other members of ANANDAM have also joined this noble initiative and made their contribution. We fervently hope that many more benevolent donors would join this initiative and lend their welcome support for enabling this fund to sustain this new initiative on a long term basis. 

 5.Launching of Quarterly news letter “Anandam Samachar”:

 For keeping Anandam’s members, donors , visiting speakers and important sections of society ,apprised of its activities Anandam has launched its quarterly newsletter “Anandam Samachar”.

 6.Financial help to families of martyres in PULWAMA terrorist attack :

In the dastardly terrorist attack in PULWAMA , 44 CRPF jawans laid down their lives protecting the safety and honour of their motherland . 
All the members of ANANDAM 
strongly condemn this cowardly attack and praise the bravery of these martyres . 
To show our solidarity with the families of above 44 brave hearts, many members of ANANDAM responded spontaneously by making their contributions for providing financial help to these distressed families and total collection of Rs 50,000/- has been remitted to “BHARAT KE VEER” Corpus Fund on 1/3/19 for the welfare of the martyres families . For donors list please see under downloads .