Executive Committee

Shri Narendra Singh (President)
(Retd. Addl. Commissioner of Excise, Govt. of M.P.)
Mob. +91 98263 82323
Email ID: narendra46@gmail.com
Shri S. B. Khandelwal (Secretary)
(Retd. General Manager, UCO Bank)
Mob. +91 98934 95308
Email Id: essbeek@hotmail.com
Shri Mahendra Kumar Mishra (Member)
(Retd. Executive Birla Group)
Mob. +91 9826071888, 8209947100
Email Id: mishra43@hotmail.com
Shri Vijay Sharma (Member)
(Retd. District Co-ordinator, State Bank of Indore)
Mob. +91 9425959165, 8770622517
Email Id: vks2909@gmail.com

(Shri Narendra Singh and S. B. Khandelwal are founder members of Anandam)

  • Executive committee shall be appointed by the Trust. It shall also decide its term.
  • Executive committee shall be responsible for organizing different activities as per vision of Anandam.
  • Executive committee is empowered to formulate and implement rules and regulations for the members for smooth running of Anandam.
  • Executive committee is authorized to grant all types of membership as per Rules.