Membership Rules

There will be following categories of membership. Regular, Life, Honorary, Donor, and Associate (Regular / Life) membership:

  • Membership will be for either individuals or with spouse.
  • Application to be submitted in prescribed form. (Membership Form) / (Associate Form)
  • Applicant should be above 50 years of age at the time of application. In case of applying along with spouse the age criteria will apply to the main applicant.
  • Applicant will have to submit the prescribed application form duly filled along with required documents, with a registration fee of Rs 300.
  • After examination of application and finding it in order, Executive committee shall grant membership, subject to the deposit of advance subscription for six months in case of regular membership and one time deposit for Life membership. Decision of Executive Committee shall be final,
  • For Regular individual and with spouse membership, the subscription shall be Rs 1200 and Rs 1500 per annum respectively. This is subject to change from time to time. For Life membership the subscription shall be Rs 11,000 whether it is individual or with spouse. This is also subject to change,

Honorary membership :-

  • This membership will be awarded to a person who in some way or other has been helpful in the activities of Anandam,
  • Such Honorary member shall be eligible to participate in Anandam’s activities,
  • Only Executive committee will have the powers to grant this membership.

Donor membership:-

  • Any person donating Rs 25,000 or more for the activities of Anandam shall be awarded this membership.
  • Such donor member shall be eligible to participate in Anandam’s activities.
  • Only Executive Committee will have powers to grant this type of membership.

Associate membership:-

  • Any group comprising of members above the age of 50 years may apply for associate membership of Anandam.
  • Applicant group will submit the list of members, with details such as names, age, address, phone number and photo id of not less than twenty members.
  • Applications for Associate membership shall be in the prescribed form.
  • Membership will be for one financial year subject to renewal every year, depending upon the decision of Executive committee of Anandam.
  • Registration fee and annual fee, as prescribed from time to time, have to be paid by the group.
  • Anandam will guide the activities of such associate group.
  • Such associate group will meet its own expenses.
  • Such group(s) will have to submit its income and expenditure account and balance Sheet at the end of every financial year.

General :-

  • Every member shall be provided a Photo I. D. Card to facilitate their availing of discount facilities with different hospitals and Doctors arranged by Anandam,
  • Every member has to follow the culture and traditions of Anandam and abide by the strict discipline in conduct. If any member fails to do so, Executive Committee will have the power to terminate the membership of such delinquent member and no appeal shall lie against such decision of Executive Committee,
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited at Anandam,
  • No eatables can be carried by any member in Anandam centre without prior permission,
  • Members are advised not to visit Anandam centre when they are unwell,
  • Members, if needed, are allowed to bring assistants with them. Such assistants shall not use the services and facilities of Anandam.