Activities at Anandam


Activities of ANANDAM are primarily aimed towards the welfare of its senior members. While designing various activities and programmes at ANANDAM, every effort is made to ensure that its members remain: ‘PHYSICALLY FIT”, “MENTALLY ALERT”, “SOCIALLY ACTIVE” and “SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED”.

Activities conducted at the Centre:

  • Yoga session every morning.
  • Provision of indoor games like Carrom and chess etc. Many members regularly play indoor games during the day.
  • Provision of internet, Wi Fi and T.V. for members.
  • Organizing collective birthday programme every month for the members having their birthday in that particular month.
  • Weekly bhajan programme.
  • Periodical spiritual discourses by eminent saints are organized.
  • Discount arrangement is tied up with Super Speciality hospitals like APOLLO, MEDANTA, SHALBY Hospital, CHL HOSPITAL, CENTRE FOR SIGHT, CONTACARE Eye Hospital and few other hospitals along with reputed pathology like Dr. Lal’s Pathology.
  • Organization of lectures every month of Specialist Doctors from different specialties, to create awareness amongst members for maintaining better health and prevention and cure of various age related health problems.
  • Organizing free check up camps at ANANDAM and hospitals. For this purpose health Calendar for entire year 2017 – ‘SEHAT” has been drawn and put into effect. SEHAT calender which was drawn for the year 2017 was an astounding success. Some new camps like “Vericose Veins” were organized. Based on the success in 2017, SEHAT Calender for the year 2018 shall be drawn again.                                                                                                                                                            Similarly, for better health management of members “Alternative Therapy clinic” was introduced recently which was very much appreciated and liked by members.
  • Organizing sessions of alternate therapy like Ayurveda and Naturopathy.
  • Periodical Conduct of group discussions on social, literary and spiritual subjects, story telling and poetry recitation sessions etc.
  • Monthly music programme where members sing on Karaoke.
  • Members organize and celebrate all the festivals including national festivals.
  • Unused medicines collection box has been installed at ANANDAM wherein members deposit their surplus/unused and unexpired medicines which are handed over to organization(s) who are working with hospitals.
  • During “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”, members participated in awareness programme in schools and residential areas in collaboration with Human matrix securities Indore.
  • To add new dimensions to the activities of ANANDAM, following new activities are added in the latter part of the year 2017:
  1. Monthly lecture series by the eminant social persnalities, in different fields, to share their experiences and how the same could be beneficial to the society.
  2. Organizing a music competition for senior Citizens to be held in February, 2018. This competition shall be open for all including the members of Anandam. Winner shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 11,000/-.

Conduct of Programmes at ANANDAM by Coordinators:

Each of the above activities/ programmes at Anandam is conducted by the designated Coordinator(s). These Coordinators are chosen from amongst the members who either offer to act as Co-Coordinator voluntarily or selected based on their suitability. This, besides ensuring involvement of members in the activities of Anandam, also helps in designing new programmes on an on- going basis.