1. The scheme shall be circulated amongst different educational institutes, selected social organizations and social media for inviting scholarship applications as decided by EC.
  2. Each aspiring candidate shall have to submit application, in prescribed form, along with requisite documents, to be forwarded duly verified by the head of institution where course is to be pursued.
  3. Each course group will have a set of eligibility criteria which applicant will have to fulfill, except in any special case, where Executive Committee of Anandam shall have the power to exempt/modify. However, for such an exemption written order will have to be passed by the Executive Committee.
  4. The Selection Committee after screening the applications shall interview the candidates and do other verification, if required. Thereafter, it shall finalize the applications for award of scholarship.
  5. The President / Secretary/ Coordinator of Anandam, thereafter will issue letter conveying grant of scholarship to the selected applicant and head of institution where applicant will pursue her course.
  6. This process will be followed every year at the start of academic session. However, even during the academic session specially deserving candidates may be considered for scholarship, in the sole discretion of the Executive Committee.